Your relationship with me as your coach is a unique one. We are partners in claiming the life and success you want.

Can you imagine having someone on your side who is unconditionally supportive and totally committed to helping you find happiness and success in all areas of your life? Who can help you overcome setbacks, find balance and set boundaries. Who is there to listen non-judgmentally, applaud you, offer resources and help you honor yourself and your unique talents, and find the clarity of purpose and passion that leads to your devising your own strategies and action plans to live the life you have always wanted. That’s what we can do together.

Working with a Coach can accelerate the rate of improving your life, help you make better decisions, and provide the tools for success that you or your company need. Coaching is all about YOU! You and your coach form an unbeatable team where you are the winner. As your coach I give you unconditional support, advice, guidance, encouragement. I listen and together we brainstorm, strategize and tap into your hidden well of resources.

I work with individuals, leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, business people… including:

  • People in personal or career transitions.
  • Anyone who wants a greater quality of life.
  • People who want better personal and professional relationships.
  • High Achieving Superwomen/men out of touch with their personal lives.
  • Individuals whose lives are out of balance.
  • Professionals who want to increase their business or transition into another career.
  • CEOs and Leaders who need an honest, unbiased ear.
  • Execs/managers who need to hone their leadership/communication skills.
  • Business owners who want to achieve greater success with less struggle.
  • Anyone who has achieved “success” but finds they are still not happy.
  • New coaches and those aspiring to become coaches.
  • Coaches who haven’t achieved the success that they crave.
  • People with home-based businesses.
  • Individuals in the throes or aftermath of divorce seeking to take their life back.

How does it work? Each week we have a scheduled telephone appointment where we discuss what you’ve accomplished, the challenges and difficulties, and opportunities which occurred the prior week. We uncover truths about you, set some action items and discuss what’s come up for you. If between calls, you have a win to share or issue to discuss, I’m available via phone or email.

The best way to know if coaching will work for you is to take advantage of my complimentary coaching session. See what it’s like with no obligation on your part. Give yourself that gift!

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
-Albert Einstein